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Vladimir Putin could save their country's economy

The only thing that Russian President Vladimir Putin could save his country's economy from collapse - is to leave the Donbass. Otherwise, sanctions will not be lifted.
This was written in his blog on NEWS  Ukrainian journalist Vitaly Portnikov.
"We can say that living in a virtual world, Putin - the Russian president clearly has not realized that his regime was all over - can ignore those words. But with every decrease of oil prices in Russia is growing nervous. There is growing it and around Putin. And Putin himself at some point of stimulated simply to note that there is no money, and - best of all - no ... Because time Putin is not really that much. If after six months the sanctions against Russia will not be mitigated or eliminated it is not necessary to think that the US administration decides to take this step in the midst of the election campaign. Suicide live in the Kremlin, not the White House - it should be clearly understood. And the unwillingness of Americans to mitigate the pressure on the Kremlin necessarily reflect the mood of their soyuznikov.Tak in this case, Putin can not see the lifting of sanctions as his own nose, "- he said.
Western sanctions are for the slow strangulation of Russia - Weller
"And there denyuzhku end. Quite. So, Vladimir Vladimirovich, get out of Donbass", - said the journalist.
As reported by the "Observer", during a press conference on January 14, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that he has irrefutable evidence of the presence of Russians in the Donbass, and showed the map of the shelling.